Sell-side Mandates

We apply a process driven approach that leverages the best practices developed from 130+ transactions over more than a decade. Our process maximizes the probability of a successful outcome and minimizes the distractions to our clients’ ongoing business operations. Some of the key elements comprising our best practices approach:

Buy-side Mandates

We apply a similar process driven approach and leverage best practices to maximize our client’s success in executing on an acquisition program. Our expertise in representing sellers as well as our frequent discussions in the marketplace makes us a valuable advisor to complement an in-house corporate development team. Some of the key elements comprising our best practices approach:


We also offer our institutional investor clients an operational assessment of their portfolio companies. This essentially consists of a bottoms-up, objective evaluation of a company’s operations and business opportunity. We focus on identifying what is working and what is not at an operational level, identifying problems which are usually below the radar screen of the shareholders and board members. Our report will not only help identify where there are issues, but also provides the board with an objective view on the company’s various options to move forward, along with the pros and cons of each. Effectively, we help align the various stakeholders by providing the board with a trusted independent overview of the company upon which the board can make decisions in the exercise of their fiduciary duty. Over the past decade, our partners have provided dozens of assessments in a variety of tech and cleantech industries which have been well received by the investors and board members.