GLV Inc. acquires Sludge Dewatering Technology from Elcotech Technologies

14th Apr, 8:38 pm


GLV Inc (TSX: GLV), the water treatment specialist for the municipality and pulp and paper industries, announced that it had agreed to acquire the intellectual property rights and patents related to a sludge treatment technology developed by Elcotech Technologies Inc of Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.


Elcotech's equipment is designed to substantially reduce the wastewater sludge volume while also extracting biomass that can be used to generate energy. In a typical municipal or industrial operation, wastewater sludge is 75% to 90% water, and even after conventional dewatering technologies, contains 65% to 85% water. Elcotech's technology uses 'electro-osmosis' to separate water molecules from biosolids, reducing the residual material volume with minimal energy consumption.


In addition, the technology can eliminate pathogens and odours, resulting in a higher-quality biomass that could be used for agricultural land spreading or as biofuel for the production of green energy, the company stated. GLV Inc's President and Chief Operating Officer said Elcotech's technology contained several features attractive to the food, pulp & paper, textile and municipal sectors: "We are very pleased with this acquisition, which is fully consistent with our commitment to provide our customers with increasingly high-performance, economical and ecological solutions. With its exceptional features, Elcotech's technology is ideally suited to sectors with particularly challenging sludge processing needs, including the food and beverage industry, the pulp and paper industry, the textile industry and the municipal sector. In addition, this easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient equipment fits perfectly into our existing technological portfolio and can be marketed in substantially all our business segments."