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Tailored To Meet Individualized Needs

Our Process

Our M&A Process

DecisionPoint’s comprehensive process follows a proven methodology designed to maximize the strategic objectives of our clients. We continue to fine-tune our process based on our wealth of experience and current market conditions to ensure optimal results. We seek to build and drive momentum, which is one of the most important factors in successful transactions. Below is a brief overview of the major phases of a typical sell-side process and the associated timelines.

Alternative Processes

DecisionPoint often tailors its approach to fit the needs of our clients’ situation. Some situations suggest an initial “Coy Process” to test the market and determine next steps. Other times a client has unsolicited interest from a buyer which may enable a “Preemptive Process”. DecisionPoint modifies our approach and may run a parallel process to nurture an existing buyer while testing interest and value from others.

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