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Leading manufacturer of power system protection equipment in India gains foothold in North American Market

Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 29, 2007 - Easun Reyrolle Limited, a manufacturer of power system protection equipment, today announced the acquisition of the Canadian-based Relay & Recorder (R&R) Division of NxtPhase T&D Corporation, a leading provider of digital and fiber optic solutions for the electric power industry, for an undisclosed purchase price.


Under the purchase agreement, Easun Reyrolle will acquire all assets including intellectual property, and liabilities of the R&R division. This business will now be carried out through ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd., a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Easun Reyrolle Limited.


"The acquisition is part of a two-fold strategy designed to both expand Easun Reyrolle's position as a leader in the field of electrical power management into the global market and enable the R&R business to reach its full potential with greater focus, resources, and investment " comments Bill Lackey, General Manager of the Relay & Recorder Division of NxtPhase T&D Corporation. "This ideal partnership will allow us to accelerate our growth and move the company to the next level."


"The skill, experience, and expertise of the R&R division employees, and the company's technological leadership in protective relays and disturbance fault recorder design and manufacturing, will broaden and enrich our product offerings and technology portfolio," said Jerry Sharma, CEO of Easun Reyrolle Ltd. "The acquisition enhances our vision towards being recognized as a global leader in power protection and automation technologies."


In 2000, NxtPhase acquired APT Power Technologies, which was well-established in providing digital protection and monitoring solutions for the global electric utilities market. Over the past 7 years, the Relay and Recorder division has grown to have 150+ customers around the world, established channels to market, and several thousand devices currently in service.


ERLPhase will continue the legacy of providing smart, easy-to-use protection and monitoring of electrical power systems. The product line includes digital relays for protection and control of electrical systems, multi-channel recorders for monitoring electrical systems and data management system software for analysis and optimization of electrical systems.


The ERLPhase headquarters will be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with offices in Alberta, North Carolina and Texas.

About ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd.


Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ERLPhase Power Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Easun Reyrolle Ltd. of India. ERLPhase offers an established line of digital protection and monitoring solutions to power utilities around the world, including North and South America, Europe, and the Asia- Pacific.


About Easun Reyrolle Ltd.


Easun Reyrolle has been servicing a wide range of power utility and industrial customers both in India and abroad for over 25 years. With its state-of-the-art and wide ranging products, systems and solutions in the field of protection, control, automation, metering and switchgear, coupled with constant technological innovation, customer focus and an integrated approach, Easun Reyrolle truly offers a "ONE TOUCH ACCESS" to power system solutions as a dependable partner to its customers in India and abroad. The Easun group has been in the field of Power Engineering for over six decades, offering virtually all the vital components of a substation. For more information on the company, visit


For More Information Contact:

Bill Lackey

General Manager, Relay & Recorder Division

ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd.


Easun Reyrolle Completes Acquisition of Relay & Recorder Division of NxtPhase T&D Corporation

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