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Buy-Side Mandate

We apply a similar process driven approach and leverage best practices to maximize our client’s success in executing on an acquisition program. Our expertise in representing sellers as well as our frequent discussions in the marketplace makes us a valuable advisor to complement an in-house corporate development team. Some of the key elements comprising our best practices approach:

Understand the criteria – setting target criteria and qualification metrics help focus an M&A program

Build a deep target list – being prepared to cast a wide net ensures quality strategic candidates wil be available

Know the competition and market values – the best candidates are being heavily pursued

Understand the sellers – founder owned and investor owned companies may have very different motivations and desires

Prepare a model deal structure – being up front with sellers about deal structure can help smooth the process and disqualify unreasonable sellers

Position the buyer in an appealing manner – attractive targets may be reluctant sellers

Let an advisor break the ice – candidates often share more openly with an intermediary than a buyer who may be a partner or competitor

Be prepared to make timely decisions – communicate to sellers that you are a serious and well qualified buyer

Ensure a focus on strategic and cultural fit – deals have to work financially and culturally to be successful long term



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