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DecisionPoint Advises Knexus Research Group on Acquisition by Lurie Investments

Charlotte, NC; September 6, 2023 – DecisionPoint, a leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies, announced today that its client, Knexus Research Group, a DC-based AI research and development firm, has been acquired by Lurie Investments. Founded in 2006 by AI pioneer, Dr. Kalyan Gupta, Knexus has been at the forefront of AI research and development supporting the U.S Government. Boasting an incredible team of scientists and AI experts, Knexus has a proven process to investigate, develop, and deploy AI solutions for complex U.S. Government challenges.

"Knexus has spent the past two decades demonstrating how AI and data science can address some of the hardest problems facing the U.S. government," said Adam Lurie, incoming CEO of Knexus. "They have been a key enabler for the government to effectively and ethically deploy AI capabilities across a myriad of use cases."

An increasing demand by Government entities to leverage burgeoning AI capabilities, Knexus' acquisition will enable a growth trajectory that allows additional customers to tap into a team of highly skilled technologists who have a track record of providing cutting edge solutions. Supporting a diverse portfolio of programs, Knexus understands how to best inject AI into government missions.

"Whether it's helping to strengthen the overall performance of autonomous systems, generating mathematically accurate synthetic data, or developing modeling and simulation capabilities that continuously learn and improve, Knexus' experts routinely push the frontier of performance," Lurie said. "Its people are amazing and the company has built an incredible foundation for dramatic growth."

With their deep expertise in Classical and Deep Learning as well as advanced AI approaches such as Goal Reasoning, Hierarchical Temporal Planning, Reinforcement Learning and Large Language Models, Knexus has successfully developed AI software solutions, and deployed them across the government enterprise. 

"Our Lab at Knexus has been on the front lines of AI-ML innovation since our inception," said Knexus Founder and VP of R&D, Kalyan Gupta. "We have been a key contributor and a witness to the AI revolution, along with our customer's growing interest in AI technology adoption. I can't wait to see the next milestone in the company's growth trajectory." 

About Knexus Research Corporation

Based in National Harbor, MD, Knexus Research is a pioneer in AI ML innovation. Combining the intellectual curiosity of the best minds in AI together with proven scientific and engineering processes, Knexus creates solutions that provide consistent, repeatable results for its customers. With 5 patents and 100+ peer reviewed scientific papers, the scientists and engineers of Knexus are routinely smashing through the barriers between human and machine intelligence. 

About DecisionPoint
DecisionPoint is a unique leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies and their venture capital investors in the software, services, cleantech, biotech, healthcare IT and communication sectors. For additional information on DecisionPoint, visit
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