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Charlotte, NC; December 31, 2012 — DecisionPoint, a leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies, announced today that its client, Argo Systems (“Argo”), a leading provider of business solutions to the cable network and operators industry, has been acquired by SintecMedia Ltd. (“Sintec”), the leading broadcast management software provider. The deal brings together SintecMedia’s powerful OnAir scalable, all-in-one broadcast management solution for media companies and its line of related products with Argo Systems’ unparalleled management solutions exclusively designed for Pay TV channels and multichannel video distributors.


“SintecMedia’s acquisition of Argo Systems will further augment our local activities in the North American cable television and MSO markets,” stated SintecMedia CEO Amotz Yarden. “Its team and suite of products have gained the respect of every television executive in the industry. Argo Systems will increase SintecMedia’s footprint and capabilities, boost our U.S. presence in terms of local support including software engineers, technicians as well as other professionals and delivery resources that will enable us to supply a greater array of broadcast and digital media solutions.”

Argo Systems’ President Doug Calahan affirmed, “Merging with SintecMedia is a testament to our solutions’ strengths, opens new international markets and spurs further growth in North America. Combining the products and capabilities of SintecMedia, along with its newly acquired StorerTV and now Argo Systems creates powerful platforms to take the industry into the future.”

“We are delighted that these two innovative software companies have combined forces to better serve their customers in the US and internationally” said Tom Wilson, Managing Partner of DecisionPoint. “Argo was interested in identifying a strategic acquirer to help them achieve their vision for the organization and after a great deal of interest from a number of parties, SintecMedia emerged as the best opportunity for the Argo team and their clients.”

Yarden added, “We welcome Argo Systems to the SintecMedia family and look forward to working closely with their developers, implementation and support staff professionals to meet the U.S. market’s growing needs.”


About Argo Systems


Argo Systems is a software company with expertise in providing business critical management solutions exclusively designed for the Pay TV industry. Argo Systems’ software solutions process billions of dollars annually in programming revenues via Medea for pay TV channels worldwide and programming expenses via Nestor for our multichannel operator clients. To date, the Medea and Nestor systems are preferred by more than 300 networks and operators around the globe, including major media companies such as NBCUniversal, Fox, Comcast, and Time Warner. Argo Systems is based in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

About SintecMedia


SintecMedia is a leading global provider of management solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of broadcasters, media companies, cable MSOs and station groups. OnAir, SintecMedia’s core product, is employed by leading networks in Europe, Asia and North America for managing airtime sales, traffic, programming, and new media. OnAir combines traffic, sales, and programming in a single framework to address the most pressing issues facing broadcasters and media makers including comprehending multiple information levels, integrating linear and non-linear capabilities and managing a full range of assets. North American clients include NBCUniversal, ABC, CBC Canada and Televisa Mexico. For more information, visit


About DecisionPoint

DecisionPoint is a unique leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies and their venture capital investors in the software, services, cleantech, biotech, healthcare IT and communication sectors. For additional information on DecisionPoint, visit

For further information, contact: Tom Wilson, Managing Partner; (704) 248-1124;

DecisionPoint Advises Argo Systems on Acquisition by SintecMedia

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