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Charlotte, NC; March 4, 2019 — DecisionPoint, a leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies, announced today that its client, eSyncTraining (eSync), a California-based developer of cutting-edge eLearning solutions that extend the power of Adobe Connect, will be acquired by CoSo Cloud (CoSo), the leading secure private cloud managed services provider for virtual classroom training and high-consequence meetings.


CoSo Cloud’s acquisition of eSync comes on the heels of a big year of sales growth for CoSo, which counts many large enterprises and government agencies as customers that rely on the company’s platform and customer-centric managed services to conduct their secure private virtual meetings. With the acquisition of eSync and its suite of custom applications and tools designed to boost user engagement, CoSo Cloud is now a complete eLearning solution provider. A long time Adobe Connect Gold Partner and authorized managed services partner with the CoSo Secure Private Cloud platform, CoSo offers complete software solutions to customize and extend Adobe Connect, Captivate Prime, and Zoom including integrations with all the leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). This combined portfolio will help customers increase the overall productivity and success of their eLearning programs.

eSync Founder, President and Chief Architect Mike Kollen becomes CoSo’s Chief Architect reporting to CoSo CEO Glen D. Vondrick. Kollen will continue to manage the technical team responsible for developing eSync’s innovative eLearning solutions. Other former eSync employees will be integrated into CoSo’s sales, customer success and support teams. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Mike Kollen and his team to our fast-growing company,” said CoSo Cloud CEO Glen D. Vondrick. “CoSo is making big investments to provide our customers with an unmatched variety of options to customize their eLearning cloud deployments and satisfy industry-specific use cases with added security, reliability and innovative software solutions. Already this year we have added a new senior software engineering team based in San Diego and increased our sales and customer support teams. Now, with our acquisition of eSyncTraining, we immediately add new software subscription offerings with a proven professional services team.”

“eSyncTraining is very excited to join forces with CoSo Cloud after having worked so closely together as partners in the Adobe Connect ecosystem for ten years,” said Mike Kollen, CoSo’s new Chief Architect. “I have always respected CoSo Cloud’s reputation as a proven, trusted provider of secure managed cloud services for virtual training and high consequence meetings and its high caliber professionals. Our combined customers can expect accelerated development of new cutting-edge products that will take virtual training and eLearning to an entirely new level.”

With this acquisition, CoSo expands its sales, customer support and engineering teams to broaden its total eLearning solutions for global enterprises and large government agencies while continuing to provide high reliability and security for high-consequence virtual engagements.

About eSync

eSync is a premier Adobe Connect partner, developing custom pods and integrations for the future of virtual collaboration and learning. eSync specializes in integrating systems with the Adobe Connect platform, including Single Sign On (SSO), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Adobe Connect API development. eSync is a leading builder of custom applications and pods for extending the Adobe Connect meeting environment and making it accessible to both desktop and mobile devices. For more information, please visit


About CoSo


CoSo Cloud is a global company based in Oakland, CA with office locations in San Diego, CA and the Washington DC metro area. CoSo provides a secure private cloud platform as a managed service for distributed businesses and government agencies to conduct reliable virtual training and engage in high-consequence virtual meetings. CoSo also offers software applications and professional services to customize virtual meeting rooms for specific use cases whenever requirements demand more than cloud meetings. CoSo is an authorized Adobe Connect® Gold partner and a leading eLearning services provider. For more information, please visit

About DecisionPoint


DecisionPoint is a unique leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies and their venture capital investors in the software, services, cleantech, biotech, healthcare IT and communication sectors. For additional information on DecisionPoint, visit

For further information, contact: Doug Ellis, Managing Partner; (704) 916-9070;

DecisionPoint Advises eSyncTraining on Acquisition by CoSo Cloud

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