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Charlotte, NC; April 10, 2015 — DecisionPoint, a leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies, announced today that its client, Row Sham Bow, Inc. (dba SPLYT), a leader in user behavior and application analytics has been acquired by Knetik, a transmedia services management company. Recognizing the larger growth potential that a Knetik acquisition provides for SPLYT’s capabilities, Intersouth Partners of Raleigh-Durham, has committed additional capital resources to support Knetik’s growth plans.


The acquisition builds on Knetik’s robust platform services that empower and enable content, media, and game companies to manage and optimize the distribution, delivery, monetization, and personalization of their products and offerings. By providing Knetik’s customers with deep insights into user behavior, application optimization, and content personalization, the acquisition positions Knetik as a leading trans-media management services company.


“SPLYT’s innovative approach to web, social and mobile app analytics is revolutionary and gives us an enormous step ahead as we provide sophisticated management of digital services,” said Shane Robinett, Knetik CEO. “SPLYT empowers decision makers with the ability to analyze application KPIs relevant to their business through the platform’s deep contextual insights. SPLYT’s functionality will be tightly integrated into the Knetik Platform to provide our customers with a broad view into product performance and enable them to make better and more profitable decisions.”

Among the new features that Knetik will offer from this acquisition:

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

  • Live / Real-time feedback on application performance

  • Automated Context – deep insight into user behavior

  • GUI based ad-hoc query builder – real-time answers to real-time questions

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting

  • Push notifications and in-app messaging

  • Beautiful dashboards tightly integrated into the Knetik platform


“We have been impressed by Knetik’s unique positioning as a leading trans-media services management platform and see tremendous opportunity to expand the power of the Knetik platform with fully integrated analytics and personalization features,” said John Glushik, GP at Intersouth Partners.


The Knetik Platform began in 2010, led by Shane Robinett, CEO, and Anthony Bevilacqua, Chief Product Officer. The company experienced dramatic revenue growth in 2014 and completed an investment round that extended the capabilities of the company’s proprietary platform and positioned the company for further growth.



SPLYT changes how product owners and data scientists work to discover insight into their audiences. SPLYT’s revolutionary data contextualization process provides the deepest insight into users and speeds the time to insight and action. Headquartered in Orlando, SPLYT is a robust platform ready to revolutionize app personalization. For more information, visit

About Knetik


The Knetik Platform provides management of digital services and gives its clients the ability to monetize and engage its user base. The platform’s toolset empowers clients to build next-generation services on a reliable and scalable back-end. Knetik’s offering is used by some of the most innovative media, gaming, e-commerce, and education companies. For more information, visit


About DecisionPoint

DecisionPoint is a unique leader in M&A advisory services for middle-market technology companies and their venture capital investors in the software, services, cleantech, biotech, healthcare IT and communication sectors. For additional information on DecisionPoint, visit


For further information, contact: Doug Ellis, Managing Partner; (704) 916-9070;

DecisionPoint Advises SPLYT on Acquisition by Knetik

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