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Sell-Side Mandate

We apply a process driven approach that leverages the best practices developed from 170+ transactions over more than a decade. Our process maximizes the probability of a successful outcome and minimizes the distractions to our clients’ ongoing business operations. Some of the key elements comprising our best practices approach:

Run a competitive process – competition is best driver of price and terms even if there are only several participants. The buyers need to feel competitive pressure.

Position properly – Companies should be acquired, not sold, to achieve a premium valuation.

Ensure management is well prepared – strategic acquirers focus as much on the management team as on the business. Extra preparation pays dividends.

Understand one size does not fit all – the business case for each buyer is unique and we invest the time and effort to tailor the case for acquisition to the specific attributes of each interested party.

Focus on strategic value – building a strategic case requires much more than the usual financial engineering debate. Elements of a strategic acquisition include compelling intellectual property, credibility in a unique niche, a leverageable customer base and deep domain expertise, just to name a few.

Maintain momentum – It is crucial in today’s challenging economy and climate of risk aversion to build and drive momentum from start to finish which takes an aggressive, proactive approach.

Realize value is not the only important term – the negotiation process has to capitalize on optimizing all of the key terms in a deal. Losing the opportunity to holistically negotiate all of the key provisions at the same time will adversely impact a deal. Creativity in structuring deals is often the key to achieving the optimum value, meeting shareholder objectives and closing the transaction.

Understand the operational and financial details – having an advisor who “gets it” provides significant value to the legal and financial team as late stage negotiations and deal details can have a significant impact on final value

Manage and drive the diligence and legal process – even though the main players at this stage are the legal teams, it is important for us to drive the process across the finish line. Typically, the diligence teams are driven by objectives other than getting the deal done; hence there is risk of the deal going sideways without the proper leadership from the advisor.


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